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1.744.811 Ft (1.373.867 Ft + ÁFA)

Romexis 3D Cephalometry

- Placing anatomical landmarks in 3D view or on 2D slice views
- Head orientation tool for manual adjustment
- Dynamic measurements and analyses
- Measurement table for comparisons against the norms
- Landmark, plane, and measurement visualisation in 2D views and 3D
- Analysis types: TFA Perrotti analysis, Orthognathic Surgery analysis
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard, Romexis 3D Standard, Romexis 3D Advanced
Cikkszám: PL-FE004915
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
1.744.811 Ft (1.373.867 Ft + ÁFA)
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The Planmeca Romexis® 3D Cephalometry software module is the leading-edge tool for performing orthodontic analysis using CBCT images. The intuitive and easy tracing of anatomical landmarks as well as the clear visual representation of measurements and analyses make the module perfect for anyone interested in entering the world of 3D analyses in orthodontics. The software provides benefits for orthodontists, general dentists, and maxillofacial surgeons.

Performing assisted analysis

The placing of anatomical landmarks is done intuitively in 3D rendering and on 2D views. The orientation of the skull is automatically adjusted for the next landmark to be placed. The reference images help the user to find the right position for each landmark.


True 3D analysis

Romexis 3D Cephalometry includes a true 3D analysis type, Total Face Approach (TFA), created by Dr Giovanna Perrotti. The analysis provides a distinct graphical representation of the case using 3D planes to provide information on the vertical and sagittal dimensions, skeletal symmetry, teeth, and growth.

Dynamic measurements

The analysis measurements can be viewed dynamically during the landmark placement. The patient-specific measurement values are enriched by colours indicating any deviations from the norm. The textual interpretation of measurement values is also provided.

Flexible head orientation tool

Head orientation has an effect on the measurements, and it can be adjusted manually or using predefined landmarks, if necessary.

Advanced 3D features

The Romexis 3D Cephalometry licence includes all the advanced Romexis 3D tools for orthodontic needs, such as the Airways tool, tooth segmenting tool, TMJ view, Superimpose module, and Surface module for 3D photos and digital models.

Planning orthognathic surgical treatments

The Romexis 3D Cephalometry workflow integrates seamlessly with the Romexis® CMF Surgery software module where analyses are available dynamically during treatment planning for orthognathic surgery.


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