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Romexis 3D Implant Guide

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2.894.923 Ft (2.279.467 Ft + ÁFA)
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Romexis 3D Implant Guide:

- Implant guide design tools with open STL exports
- Automatic Implant and sleeve reports

Versatile planning tools

The Romexis software includes an implant library with realistic implant models from over 100 manufacturers. Finding the optimal position for an implant is easy with the software’s implant-centric viewing mode. Romexis alerts users if an implant is placed too close to segmented neighbouring teeth, the mandible canal or another implant. A tool for evaluating the quality of the bone around an implant is also available.


Top-down implant planning

Romexis is the perfect software for prosthetic-driven implant planning. It allows users to acquire CBCT images, scan surfaces, design virtual crowns, map all previous data and proceed with their plan. The software also has a generic crown library in case a specifically designed crown is not available. DICOM data and STL files are supported and can be easily imported from 3rd party systems.

Informative implant reports

The Romexis software automatically creates a PDF report on an implant plan and designed guide with all the information needed for successful surgery. The report includes the model and measurements of the planned implant, the user-guided surgery kit and sleeve type, as well as the drill type – with clear pictures of implant positions also featured.

Implant guide design

The Romexis® Implant Guide module lets you design surgical guides in a few easy steps. The software automatically designs a guide to the area that has been defined with its simple lasso tool. The guide can be further enhanced by adding support bars, peak windows and embossed text, as well as by deleting any unneeded material. If a tooth has been removed prior to implant surgery, the software also allows it to be removed digitally – meaning the patient does not need to be scanned again.

Mucosa-supported guides

You can create mucosa-supported guides with one click with the Romexis Implant Guide module. The software automatically detects the inner side of the denture and creates a guide based on it. The software’s implant library also includes fixation pins from various manufacturers for users to utilise.

3D printing

Implant guides designed with the Romexis software can be 3D printed seamlessly. You can utilise the software’s pre- programmed setting for the most common 3D printers, or create your own ones to use. Once an implant guide has been designed, Romexis automatically creates an STL file that can be printed with Planmeca Creo® C5 or any other suitable 3D printer.


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