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5.438.987 Ft (4.282.667 Ft + ÁFA)

Romexis CMF Surgery

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• Romexis 3D Advanced

Cikkszám: PL-FE004255
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5.438.987 Ft (4.282.667 Ft + ÁFA)
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Romexis CMF Surgery:

- Ready-made virtual cutting templates for; BSSO, Le Fort I, Genioplasty
- Dynamic measurements and analyses
- Preoperative to virtual plan superimposition
- Creating intermediate and final splints, STL export
- Ordering custom implants and splints from Planmeca ProModel service

The Planmeca Romexis® CMF Surgery module is an advanced orthognathic software for preparing virtual surgical treatment plans. It provides surgeons with the means to evaluate cases and to generate intermediate and final splints based on the target occlusion and position of the jaw.

Time spent on the essential

Romexis CMF Surgery brings together all the needed tools for planning orthognathic treatments in a single workflow. Take advantage of the powerful Planmeca Romexis® sofware platform by capturing both the patient’s CBCT images and intraoral scans in the same software or connect Romexis to a PACS system. Waste no time on exporting and importing – build your virtual patient to get started.


Intuitive osteotomy planning

Romexis CMF Surgery makes easy yet efficient planning a reality. The intuitive osteotomy planning guides the user step-by-step in creating detailed plans as follows:

  • For the maxilla
    • Le Fort I, One-piece
    • Le Fort I, Two-piece
    • Le Fort I, Three-piece
  • For the mandible:
    • Genioplasty
    • Ramus cuts
      • BSSO Hunsuck
      • BSSO Obwegeser
      • Inverted L
      • Vertical ramus

The osteotomy lines can be carefully inspected with regards to the individual anatomy and easily adjusted.


Dynamic measurements

The Romexis CMF Surgery software module allows you to further enrich your planning with tools for following anatomic landmarks and measurements between them during orthognathic treatment simulations. In addition, the planning can be combined with 3D Cephalometric Analysis.

Creating intermediate and final splints

When the virtual surgical plan is complete, intermediate and final splints can easily be designed with the software and flexibly exported in STL file format for manufacturing. 


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